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Chris Toles believes that everyone should be afforded the right to a great attorney at reasonable and fair prices. Also, clients should have direct access to their attorneys both before and during their representation with this firm. When you call the Law Firm of Chris M. Toles, you speak to attorney Chris M. Toles and the consultation is always free. You will get an immediate rate quote over the phone or you may set up an in person consultation. You will not find a better rate for an attorney with these qualifications and years of experience.

WHY SHOULD I HIRE The Law Firm of Chris M. Toles?

Chris is a tireless fighter for his clients and is able to resolve his client’s criminal cases by getting charges
dismissed or reduced.

My brother and I were charged with Murder in Fulton County. The police said I shot a man at an apartment complex after an argument. Thanks to the brilliant work of Mr. Toles, the jury’s verdict verdict was not guilty. My attorney told me that that the Fulton County DA’s office had lost only two murder cases that entire calendar year.

A.R., charged with Murder in Fulton County in 2014

I picked up my third lifetime DUI in Cobb County. The video was terrible and clearly showed that I was drunk. The State initially wanted 180 days in jail. Although Mr. Toles was not able to get my charged reduced or dismissed, I only got 12 months probation and 3 days in jail. I am also still able to drive to get to work and take care of my family.

A.V., charged with DUI in Cobb County.in 2015

I caused a wreck in Dunwoody, Georgia and fled from the scene but was later caught. I was arrested for DUI and leaving the scene. Chris got my DUI reduced to a reckless and the leaving scene charges dismissed.

D.D., charged with DUI and Leaving the Scene in the City of Dunwoody in 2014

I was arrested on two DUI’s within a four month period. One case was in DeKalb County and the other in the City of Atlanta. I needed my license to drive because I do a lot of business out of town and rent cars. Mr. Toles was able to get both administrative license suspension dismissed. Then he got both DUI’s reduced to misdemeanors.

D.J, charged with two DUI's in 2012

I picked up a DUI charge in DeKalb County. I had a sensitive government job. Chris Toles was able to get all charges dismissed.

D.P. charged with DUI in Dekalb County in 2014

I was charged with armed robbery in Clayton County. Mr. Toles was able to get me out on bond and then later have my ankle monitor removed. When the case came to trial, Mr. Toles did a great job defending me. The jury found me not guilty on all charges. I can now go back to work without this case hanging over my head.

M.G., charged with Armed Robbery in 2015

My grandson and 3 of his friends were charged with forcible rape with a gun on a minor. He was a minor as well. Chris Toles defended him to the bitter end and all charges were dismissed

minor, charged with Rape, Aggravated Assault in in 2015

The police arrested my brother and I for armed robbery. I was looking at 10 years to life. Mr. Toles got me a sentence to boot camp and I am now back in college.

N.H., charged with armed Robbery in Gwinnett County.in 2013

When I crashed my vehicle on the connector downtown, I was arrested for DUI in the City of Atlanta. I thought I would go to jail and lose my license for a year. Chris Toles who was a former prosecutor convinced the city to reduce the charges to reckless driving.

S.J., charged with DUI in the City of Atlanta." N.S., charged with DUI in 2013

For two years the public defender represented me on my murder case (in Fulton County) and told me I had no chance. At the last minute I hired Chris Toles the weekend before my case was going to go to trial. I was acquitted on all charges and my codefendant was convicted of murder and received a life sentence. Mr. Toles saved my life and my kids will grow up with their father in their life.

S.S., charged with murder in 2013